Add printing to your app in minutes

You add a few lines of code, we take care of the rest. You make money every time someone prints.

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How it works

Integrate with your app
Users tap to print
We print and deliver
You get paid

Integrate with Kindred in minutes

Lightweight SDK

With only a few lines of code you can add Kindred’s powerful infrastructure to your app

iOS and Android

The Kindred printing SDK works for both iOS and Android, with a web interface coming soon.

Flexible checkout

Kindred provides a single image, multiple images or full album checkout. We take care of collecting money from the user and deal with all the logistics of getting the prints to your user's door.

Secure infrastructure

Our SDK uses Stripe to take and store payment tokens. We send all user data, including shipping, via HTTPS. Returning users can use stored payments and shipping addresses for faster checkout.

Start by adding printing with just two lines of code:

KPPhotoOrderController *orderPhotosVC = [[KPPhotoOrderController alloc] initWithKey:KINDRED_APP_ID];
[orderPhotosVC addImages:@[[[KPURLImage alloc] initWithOriginalUrl:@""]]];

From printing to delivery, we take care of it all

Thick, premium prints

Our photos are printed on premium-quality, heavy cardstock. The prints are coated with a velvet-soft finish to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

International delivery

We package our prints in an elegant cardstock pouch and deliver them throughout the world directly to your user's door.

Customer Service

We handle all customer service… from great packaging, to fast delivery and to ensuring that every one of your customers is happy with their prints.

Quick, easy payments

Get paid right away

You start earning revenue as soon as you are integrated and your users start printing. Once you are ready to go, just contact us to get set up to receive payment.

Track data on your Dashboard

You can track your earnings and customer orders real time from your own custom dashboard.